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    Look, if we were in our own time period and if we were married, we d be doing it.

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      WWDB Radio Interview

      WWDB Radio Interview

      David Sonn to be guest interview on WWDB
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      Speaking Engagement: “Developing the Business Plan”

      Speaking Engagement: “Developing the Business Plan”

      November 3 Program sponsored by the Philly Ad Club.
    • Then again, Megan enjoyed being a blond, so she d have dull brown eyes if it meant she could be a sunny blond. He then turned to the young man as Elsa introduced them.

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    • Now that he knew her intimately, his need for her grew. She was acutely aware of his breath against her skin as he leaned over her shoulder.

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    • She finally gave up feeling uncomfortable in this setting and took a taxi home.
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    A Trip to the Patent Office

    A Trip to the Patent Office

    Here's a recap of my visit to the U.S. Trademark & Patent Office to expedite
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      Last 2 Left Applications Launched on Facebook Platform

      Last 2 Left Applications Launched on Facebook Platform

      We launched five fantasy sports applications built on the Facebook Platform.
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    • Nothing significant, a notepad, pens, some chewing gum and he picked up a small box of cigarettes.

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    Patent Filing

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    Linda s expression changed to concern, Elsa you have to get out of here. What role have I been relegated to in 20 SARA REINKE his account?
    He seemed to think that he could do whatever he wanted to in this time without messing up the future.

    Patent Filing

    In 2006, I filed my first patent application. Here's the latest.
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      MLB All-Star Game: Let’s Make it Count!
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    • She d seen his face when he threatened her earlier. The saloon was swinging with life, despite the fact that it was Sunday.
    • Sure, you married under protest, but you are married before God and man.

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      MLB All-Star Game: Let’s Make it Count!

      If you give it meaning, they will come.
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    Rant: Email Signatures

    Rant: Email Signatures

    Why no email signature?!? Here's what you're missing.
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  • Maybe we should do this in the house, she suggested, glancing uneasily at the floor. Charlotte would have preferred to spend the day in the company of Reilly and his friends, but such was not to be.
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    If the man behind him with the violet stare asked him to jump off a bridge, he wouldn t hesitate. I need your mate my dear and you re the bait.

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  • She should have known better, they would have learned the first time.
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  • If you were able to track the chip, then why did it take you three months to find me? He then removed a cloth from his pocket with his free hand and stuffed it in her mouth.

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